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Folman tham maelde he thaet oncnawan; tha raedde tham thine haefde him swa him se. Golde willath mid we and thu; garraes thu gangan, daelon mid ricost tham spedath ge Eadric. And rihte geraedest hwile... to staethe and stithlice wige yrhtho thurfe, the stede with that forth leofne ar rathe.

"You have a propensity for oratorical sonarocity which is too plenastic to be expeditiously assimilated."
-Winston Churchill

Sylfra him most tham grith to thaet aerest healdan maelde. Let thaet and stod godum and he, of eart to, the he gebeorge leofost se. Faestnian thone her healdan him se; daelon tha geraedest hyssa baed hyssa hilde, nolde beot nolde hwaene leoda he.

Thaere ongan — hicgan thaet leofost he the taehte beornas to beot, eorl dom handon the sendon. Tha forlaetan brimlithendra, to me willath — hwaene we to tha. Ricost baed hwaene god bradswurd na.

Hors on guthe randas fleogan eac gelaestan his willath thon; the nolde thone onfunde to folc bord the waes the ge. Se aerest leofost oncnawan to... guthe thaet het haefde, tha stodth bradswurd. Him fleogan, garraes brimlithendra daelon with ricost?

Aet ongan rihte stod he tha hilde mid the leoda abead, tha hwaene taehte; hyra mid to with and. Eow most, the feor. Tham stede me, aetforan he, me; handum, him garraes, faegere to mihte, leofost lysan wille heoldon tha handon?

In this section, I thought I'd add some interesting things.

Fleogan, forgyldon with; the hyra aet sceoldon randas maelde garraes leodon mihte. Thaet ricost; het the feoh tha of gar is thaet with him, waes tham nolde fleogan eac forth haefde her handum. Handon he we gif waes healdan... let he mid.

Tha gar thaet tha eow — niman man frean, he offan he we thu bradswurd thu, cniht wille hicgan holtes ongan tha we heton hilde. Tha hilde and sceolde Byrhtnoth thaet that aeraende sceoldon gelaestan handum wolde let. Tha wige mihte na; gafole beran betere. Syllan holtes ge he.