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You will need to choose and pay for webhosting solution during the semester. It’s likely that you’ll want to continue to store materials after the semester is over, so consider a hosting solution that will be long term and includes components that you are likely to use beyond this course (e.g., web commerce, blogs, forums, LMS/CMS, etc.)

  • Bluehost

    Bluehost is the hosting service I use for this class. It used to be the clear leader in hosting and has been around a long time. As such, they are fairly reliable. Opinions vary wildly, but some don’t feel Bluehost meets up to its old reputation. Regardless, it has worked fine for me and has a multitude of solutions and available features.

  • Hostmonster

    This site is actually owned and operated by Bluehost. It used to be their “dumbed down” version for people not needing as robust support. It seems to have most of the same features, but for a lesser price. The trade-off is that they use the older servers for Hostmonster and the newer stuff for Bluehost. If you’re not doing anything grandiose (which you won’t need to do for this class), you might consider Hostmonster a good alternative for a cheap price (less than $5/month).

  • Dot 5 Hosting

    I don’t know much about this service, but I’ve heard about it from others.

  • ixwebhosting

    I don’t know much about this service, but I’ve heard about it from others.


    Personally, I’m very wary of free webhosting services. However, with the increasing ubiquity of webhosts, there may be some legitimate site out there that will give you free hosting. Be aware, though, that many of these offer only WYSIWYG editors and you will need a site that allows you to build your own content. Free is a directory of many free hosts. If you want something free, check it out and see if it meets your needs. WARNING: Even after “deciding” on a site, you should check into its legitimacy and business ratings from other sites, so please do so (at the very least, check the site out at the Better business bu)

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  1. I’ve had a good experience with Free Hostia ( They have a free hosting solution that doesn’t make you post their ads. It offers 250 MB disk space, 6 GB bandwidth, 3 POP3/IMAP E-mails, 1 MySQL Database, 10 MB Database space, and easy install of things like WordPress. You can upgrade to a variety of paid solutions as well.

  2. […] After watching everyone’s design presentations last week, it became apparent that everyone is going to need to set up some server space at some point in their projects.  Usually, this is something you’ll have to pay for on a remote server.  Check out the links on the “Hosting services” page for a few options regarding hosting.  For 1 free database with PHP already setup, you can check out […]

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