Probably one of the most essential parts of learning to program or code is finding a community to help when you get stuck. Eventually, you should begin to give back to this forum. As part of this class, you need to find a community in which to participate. While it’s possible to post your questions in many forums, that usually makes you less likely to get an answer. Also, make sure you find out what sort of etiquette is expected in each community. In general, if you don’t make an effort to search for the answer to your problem in the archives, people will call you on it and will be less likely to help.

The following are a few forums that I tend to participate in.  Find the one that fits your own needs.

CoronaSDK Forums

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  2. The link to Coding Forums! may be incorrect. I couldn’t get it to come up and when I hovered over it, it looked a little strange. Just a heads up.

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