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As one student once said in class, “that’s not a website, it’s just a document.”  That’s exactly right!  Web pages are nothing more than individual documents that can be interpreted by a browser.  By extension, a web site is a group of files that are linked together.  Today in class we covered two things: available resources and creating a basic HTML page.

Available resources

BYU offers access to the Safari Tech books online.  You can access them by:

  1. going to lib.byu.edu
  2. clicking on e-books (bottom-right hand corner)
  3. choosing the “Safari Tech Books” link (about the middle of the page, 3rd item down)
  4. Search for the book on the topic you’d like.

I’ve listed other resources that you might also use.  You can view these by clicking on the “resources” link on the right-hand menu.  I think W3Schools and Tizag.com are good places for beginners to get short, concise tutorials on different elements.  You’ll get less of the conceptual knowledge and the lessons are not project-based as you will get if you use one of the Safari Tech Books.  So, find which one works best for you and start looking at the available lessons.

Creating a basic HTML page

This is more of what we discussed on Monday, only today you all got to be the drivers.  You created a document, and used the following structure to create a web page with a title in the window, a main (level 1) header, and an image.  Here’s the code we generated in class:

basic html

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