Apr 152013


As you are working toward finishing your projects, some have asked about the final exam.  Here is the type of task you’ll need to be able to complete to perform well on the final:

  1. Identify viable sources for finding answers to programming questions
  2. Identify viable online training sites for learning more programming or scripting
  3. Explain what a web site is
  4. Explain what a server is and how to transfer files to it via FTP
  5. Explain how to get files from a development computer to a server so the files can be hosted online
  6. Describe the purpose/use of each of the following languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
  7. Given a url, identify: (a) the domain, (b) the directory, (c) the file containing the page being looked at, and (d) any variables passed in the URL
  8. Given a simple web page (e.g., Title, content, menu, footer), recreate that web page using HTML
  9. Style a simple web page using CSS
  10. Given your programming (i.e., logic) language of choice (e.g., javascript, php, lua):
    1. create a variable,
    2. use said variable in a function that you define.
    3. Use loops to complete a repetitive task (e.g., displaying a list of items returned from a MySQL query)
    4. Request user input, process it, and then use it in a simple program.
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