The aim of this course is to help you:

* design and develop an e-learning program.
* build a personal learning environment
* engage with a community of learners.

Because you are all extremely capable and responsible students, your principal learning will occur outside of class. You will choose a series of learning materials (e.g., a book, a video series, etc.) to guide your learning of a programming/scripting language of your choice. BYU has given you access to many of the best learning materials through the library’s web site. My philosophy is to provide you with an opportunity to engage in a learning environment in ways that will [hopefully] extend beyond this course. To that end, I am going to ask you to look beyond the course to build a personal learning environment that includes:

* A repository of learning materials for your chosen tool/language
* An online developer’s community,
* A library of code that you can re-use in later designs,
* Connections to professional instructional designers,
* Learning materials that will extend your learning beyond this course.

For a more detailed schedule and description of course assignments, see the Course Syllabus

Download a .pdf version of the syllabus

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